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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Wisdom: The capacity to act with prudence and integrity born of definitive knowledge gained thru application. Culture or Freedom: The culture is I God, the way of life. Freedom represents the ability to manifest power absent of imposition and constraint.

As the knowledge continues to be born in more locations throughout the globe, it is not inconceivable to witness degeneration in certain ciphers where the knowledge gets grafted from the original. The all to frequent "I do My own thing" or the "I do what I want in MY cipher" mentality must neccesarily have limits. Gods and Earths all, must abide or exceed a minimum behavioral standard. Otherwise there could be no defining criteria for who is accepted in our name, or what conduct is permitted by our teachings. From the newest newborn to the eldest elder, who could purport differently? How else then, could the idea of collective responsibility be substantive. The absolute latitude to be a savage in the pursuit of happiness does not constitute freedom. Instead it may indicate residual behavior from the 85% mind-state. Rebelliousness. Slavery from mental death and power.

In a developed society of Gods and Earths a criminal would ignore the edict. The wise will abide. Is it realistic to perceive a status of nation or nation-hood, absent of clear standards of duty? The identification of oneself to the extent of good standing is inextricably linked to the committment to rendering our own social mechanisms and living with the results. By some common definitions of nationhood this is a most fundamental requirement. Who believes themselves unquestionable, beyond duty, and beyond reproach? In other words, “What was his idea of making the devil?”

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