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Here we are again... even better than before!


Our shirt printing operation is basically a print on demand model. This means that we don't keep a lot of pre-printed items on  a shelf, but we do keep blanks. Once we receive your order, we print the items using one or more of the machines in our shop. Our mission is to speed up delivery times, which means to get your order to you more quickly. This is probably the most important aspect of the changes we are making.


With several print methods at our disposal we now offer new designs. You'll have choices that fit all budgets, from our most economical prints to our premium specialty  gear.


We're expanding our product line. We now offer  a variety of new items. Keep an eye out for them as we continue to expand.


This is Elamjad. For those not familiar with me, I am a long  time member of the nation in good standing. Welcome to, the original, and still the premier providers of NGE apparel and national regalia. In my experience, when engaging the nation online (for obvious reasons) it is customary to build a bit on one's history, so here I go.


I have a number of contributions to the cause of nation building in my history .  A couple that I am proudest of are the founding of "The Five Percenter" newspaper (in or around 1987) and also the "NGE Power"  newspaper (in 2002). Among a number of other endeavors in the nation's behalf, our cipher from Pelan was also involved in brainstorming the concept and planning phases of the nations first actual newspaper "The Word". I also proudly hold the distinction of presenting back in 1985 (or was it '84?) the first mass produced T-shirt bearing our national concepts at the annual convention known as the Show & Prove.


The Show & Prove has been held each year in Harlem, NY since 1971. In not the least of this history, I fondly remember performing in that very first Show & Prove at The Harlem Preparatory School (Harlem Prep). I was  13 years old.  I have more history in the cause of nation building, but this will do for now.


For me, this new site represents a renewal in the mission to provide culturally relevant shirts and other items to the nation and our people. After my  first website,, I've taken what I've learned and have launched a fresh new operation with a fresh new approach. I hope you enjoy the new site . 

 Elamjad Born Allah & Queen Shaardasia Earth (down front) along with seeds and grand seeds

 Elamjad Born Allah & Queen Shaardasia Earth ( front center) and some of the clan


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