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Screen Print Designs

  1. Turn screen printed garments inside-out, preferably on a cold water cycle.

  2. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.

  3. When drying: tumble dry on low heat. ...

  4. To avoid possible shrinkage, you can also lay your shirt flat to dry.

  5. Don't iron decorated areas! ...

  6. Do NOT dry clean!

Specialty Vinyl Prints

  1. It is best to turn garment inside out.

  2. Machine wash warm with mild detergent 

  3. Tumble dry on the low temperature setting. Clothes can also be hung* or laid flat for drying.

  4. When ironing a garment decorated with a specialty vinyl, turn the garment inside out or cover the graphic with cotton cloth. If a hot iron touches the vinyl it can melt, ruining the graphics!

  5. Do NOT dry clean

*Note: If you hang garments outside in the sun to dry, the UV light will accelerate the fading process.

Specialty Metallic Vinyl 

  1. It is best to turn garment inside out.

  2. Machine wash warm with mild detergent 

  3. Dry at normal setting  

  4. No chlorine bleach

  5. Dry cleaning NOT recommended.

Rhinestone designs

Preferred Method 


  1. Hand wash your garments in cool or warm water – not hot water taking care not to soak them longer than a couple of minutes.

  2. Use very little soap.

  3. Hang to dry out of the heat or direct sunlight. Once dry, you can fluff in the dryer for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Alternative Method


  1. Turn your rhinestone garment inside out. 

  2. Zip all zippers and button all buttons. This will help prevent wear and tear on the shirt and help to keep the rhinestones from catching on other clothes in the wash.

  3. Wash in a gently cycle with similar colored items.

  4. Do NOT Bleach! 

  5. Best to hang dry. The heat and tumbling action of the dryer can damage the glue and cause your rhinestones to get caught on other items in the load. 

  6. Do not let iron touch rhinestone areas. The heat can melt the glue loosening the rhinestones.

*Note: Avoid using stain removers or other harsh chemicals directly on the rhinestones.

Transfer Print Designs

  1. Turn the garment inside out before washing. This protects the graphic.

  2. Choose cold or warm water temperature settings for the wash. 

  3. Use a mild detergent. Avoid bleach,whiteners, fabric softeners, or any aggressive cleaners.

  4. Dry on a low heat/tumble setting or hang dry. If possible, hang dry for best results.  

  5. To iron the garment, place a cloth or paper bag over the design and iron on a LOW heat setting. 

  6. Do NOT dry clean. 

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