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Updated: Feb 16, 2020

To all who build, to all who strive to materially advance our development, and even to those who fight tooth and nail to keep us locked in a time warp believing they are serving the nation's best interest... I greet you universally with Peace!

I came across this short degree I wrote in Born-Born, everything is real. May none be disheartened by those that attend what I jokingly call the "church" of Allah (religiosity MF's)... as annoying as it is, this struggle for our growth and development continues and all are part of the formula that takes us forward while insuring that not just anything passes....

Peace Nation Member,

Or are you? What is it that determines who is, and\or is not a nation member. Can such citizenship be defined? If so, how? In a societal sense, what if any, resultant material obligations are conferred upon the individual nation citizen. What obligation to service? What of exile? In a practicable sense, can this status be imposed and enforced? And by what authority? By what individuals specifically?

As the civilized person, each abiding our cultural standard, we bear a duty to teach civilization. Understand however, that this is a personal requirement upon each individual if he or she expects to stay in tune. It is a fundamental practice requisite to the maintenance in the knowledge of one's self. Failure to perform this basic procedure diminishes the capacity for enlightened advancement and is known to result in death, from the knowledge of self. Simply put, if you don’t renew it, you will fall victim. This is upon the individual, however. Personal failure to preserve ones knowledge does not perish the nation. It does however, adversely affect the individual.

In many respects, there is a clear distinction between the individual duty as a civilized person and one's duty as a nation member. Historically , forms composite to nationhood and it's accompanying institutions, for us remain illusive. The above questions regards this collective obligation to nationhood, and not the personal duty to stay in tune.

The practical implementation of a physical nation state is a wholly complex pursuit. The intricacies concerning fundamental components of a national framework demands attention to the highest level of detail. At present the gross national product is the nation's members and their collective capabilities. The committing of our individual resources towards gestating nation organs, resides at the core of any meaniningful endeavor at the fathers mandate to actually build a nation. Enforceable accountability to tangible unification issues is one critical prerequisite.

The power and achievement attainable through high civil cohesion among our "nation's" populace is not yet realized. The population is in place. The culture is I-God. Seemingly, all that is lacking is the will to do so. Do we fear or mistrust essential material accountability to a collective concern? Do we have the heart to be accountable to one another, on the level of food clothing and shelter? Are we as a group of men women and children even mentally on that level? Are we even there yet?

Ponder Every Aspect, Commence Endeavor.

Elamjad Born Allah

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