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Updated: Feb 25, 2022

And before you make the most common blanket decree, "Only those that master 120" please allow for factors like these in your calculations:

  • An infant, toddler, or small child

  • A mentally handicapped God or Earth

  • A God or Earth in a coma or other debilitating medical condition

  • Someone born to God and Earth deaf and mute

  • A nation member with Alzheimer's

  • Your Old earth or Old dad wanting to honor you

  • A corpse

and etc...

Let me also throw this in:

In knowledge-born god-cipher I found my first flag pin in the gutter outside my house in Pelan. I was twelve. I already had KOS at the time. I wiped it off and wore it proudly. I was awarded my first flag however, at a universal parliament in Mecca at the podium. I recall getting on line with a lot of young brothers around my age, which was still twelve. When my turn came at the front of the line, an older brother asked me what my degree was. I said “knowledge-wisdom.” The God asked me if I knew that degree. I said yes, and as was common practice back then, I quoted the twelfth degree in the 1-40, even though I wasn't on the 1-40 yet. In my neighborhood back then for whatever reason, we were taught to know at least your age degree in the 1-40, regardless of what lessons you were on. In any event, that was sufficient for me to obtain a flag. I reached into a brown paper bag and selected one. Except for “In The Name Of” it did not have any further inscription, such as my name. I recount this history not to agree or disagree with differing standards applied by Gods & Earths in awarding the pins. I only seek to offer more history that may help provoke additional layers of thought on this topic; a topic that will undoubtedly persist well into the future, and well beyond this forum.

In spite of the vigorous debate that normally accompanies issues like this, I bear witness that it is relevant and worthwhile. This is a discourse like many others, that will require drawing up above and beyond the present, as certain components of the national existence evolves to a more ordered state.


Elamjad Born Allah

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