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Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The culture is I God. The indication here is meant to render a description of how life is lived by us based on the basic principle that the blackman is God. As a living standard avowed by nation members, it is sometimes perceived as a definitive set of practices with discrete boundaries. Realistically though, it indicates a more-so amorphous parameter, with a range of conduct in degrees at variance. Put simply, with us what is considered acceptable within our bounds varies in degrees, and all is not cast in a singular semblance. Make no mistake though, there are some absolutes; and boundaries seemingly fluid, remarkably once violated, become clearly and instantly defined.

The popular proclamation of lineage in the culture, referred to as tracing one's tree, is often espoused as an empowering genealogy capable of proving one's bonafides. The line of progenitors one proclaims is seen by some as an irrefutable credential.

There is but one credential worthy of assessing the veracity of enlightenment; and it is not your enlightener nor their enlighteners before them. It is not your “tree”. Popular culture in the nation tends to focus on the First-Born as those instructed by the Father, but at times does this to the exclusion of others he taught. The father taught many beyond just the first nine, and as many always came; reliably only few proved to be chosen.

To summarize; the only validating credential is the capacity of the individual to live this out honorably, irrespective of his so-called tree. Now don't misconstrue the intent here. I can show a very powerful personal descendancy from those taught by the father. I am loath to do so however. I bear witness that one's record is no better than it's last entry. There is no titular recognition gained by associating yourself with the greatness of other men who came before. Surely even the Father taught some who ultimately proved unworthy, unqualified. Thus in spite of one's lineage, each has to show and prove his own merit and not rely on the reputation of his teachers, or his teacher's teachers. At some point, as history progresses over time, many will be unable to verify their “tree.” It matters not. Some may get knowledge by the most circuitous route and will be far more noble and capable than others with a traceable root. The message here is simple: Fuck your tree. Stand on your own square. Peace.

Elamjad Born Allah

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