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I make no claims about my history (which I am very proud of) that are untrue. I only offer details as a reference, when asked. I seek no recognition based on associations or past glory days. I am pleased that I have the temperament that allows me to engage those with whom I don't see eye to eye, absent of hostility, acrimony and insult. The culture is I God, not a religion Gods & Earths, and we simply have to get viable social structures built and worthwhile things done in the nation's behalf. It is unfortunate that Gods in different degrees of understanding resort to aggressive, demeaning language to defend their stance on issues. Surely there is room in our discourse as Gods and Earths for civility. That said, understanding is understood that this method may be one's chosen course. I choose to take no offense in spite of it. It is likely better to leave things as they are than to perceive an enemy of our brothers because they wont submit to our views. Progress will always rely on great minds being able to come together and draw things up with righteous decorum; without malice. With that I again offer the universal greeting, and understand that communication in such circumstances is unlikely to yield positive fruit. It's OK. I suppose we'll continue to build as we see fit, but under those conditions, just separately and without agreement. That too is fine. Nonetheless I hold nothing against you and still say Peace Gods & Earths.

Elamjad Born Allah

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