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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

The course of 120 degrees represents the primary curriculum of learning for nation members. It exists as a common reference volume contributing to a semi amorphous set of principles that helps define our “national” identity. Within the ever-evolving culture of our nation, it represents an essential rite of passage for the newborn. Also, for many tenured devotees still today, it asserts a pre-qualifying attribute of cultural competence. From that which ultimately became that first version from The Father, approved for the nation, to the multiple variations in circulation today; through time and through the tradition of each one teach one, each version continues to give rise to the next. This occurs to lesser and greater extents.

I admit that I have been party to this condition. Back in the nineties in our community in Pelan, me and the God Salaam set out to address this issue of Gods in our neighborhood having multiple variations of 120. This was an issue because at our local rallies this became a point of contention. So me and Salaam, being the most senior Gods in the cipher, set out to get everyone on the same page with the lessons. We typed up 120 as we had received them, meticulously and, repeatedly reviewed them until agreeing on their accuracy, then distributed them in our cipher. Unwittingly what we achieved was contributing just one more version to add on to the plethora already circulating. I can recall a similar effort once being undertaken by elders of the nation at A.S.I.M. These were circulated throughout the boroughs. Yet one more version.

Elamjad Born Allah

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