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Active pragmatists in the arena of national development are often confronted with real-time problems that require proactive solutions on the ground. Builders working towards national development, have found that often it is the less lofty matters of getting work done in the nation’s behalf, that punctuates a disconnect between the reality on the ground and the way we define practical solutions. A solid education in this culture and material efforts at building the nation necessarily compels builders towards more definable, more measurable concepts. Our way of life is not a religion. Thus, useful solutions not only offer conviction, but their weight must extend beyond simple statements of rightness and exactness. There will always be something fly and esoteric to offer. This trait seems to be a cultural tendency which often sees us prefer more arcane stances to those more pragmatic. On the ground this approach is materially impractical, since the more metaphysical quality rarely sees much of anything getting done. I get it. Esoteric is easy; pragmatic... not so much.

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