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In regards to the G.U.L. proposal having met it's limits, my analysis concluded that although a reasonable plan, it was more so a structure for national government, without any already functioning local infrastructures. For example, it called for provisions like "Area Representatives" and “Spokesman Representatives” but local areas were unable to send representatives since local areas were, and still is in many cases, largely undeveloped to that extent. In my estimation this was and still remains the real feat decades later, a feat laden with the complex minutia of solving a large variety of problems. In other words the G.U.L. proposal was like putting the cart before the horse. This is why I often make reference to "prerequisites” in my builds. After many years and much effort I have come to perceive the enormous complexity of this task.

Some years after those conferences, my response to what I had learned during that cipher was to pen a document called the Pelan Unification Process. The work was actually a collaboration between myself and my good brother Kofi Allah, my senior clansman and original Executive Editor of The Five Percenter newspaper. It was intended to be an analysis of the groundwork required if a G.U.L type plan would some day be practical. The Unification Process document is also in various archives. It is intended to serve as a useful tool for those who whenever, decide to undertake these matters again. The document eventually found its way to several states where nation members reside. There were other significant historic initiatives and their corresponding documents undertaken by nation members working towards national development. Another that stands out in my mind is “The Four Point Plan” drafted by the same team from The Desert (Oasis) that gave us our first newspaper, “The Word.” Although it was more constricted in it's scope, it too was an ambitious effort to unify the population around a set of specific national goals.

By and large, we as a group continue to avoid accountability to each other. This is true especially wherein it pertains to word being bond to the extent of material resources. The committing of our individual resources towards gestating national organs, reside at the core of any meaningful endeavor to actually build a nation. Enforceable accountability to tangible issues is a critical pre-requisite. The power and achievement attainable through high civil cohesion is as yet unrealized. The population is in place. Seemingly, all that is lacking is the will to do so. So why do we fear material accountability to a collective concern? I've sometimes wondered whether or not I've gotten it wrong; whether we are even meant to be a nation in that sense; the sense of shared resources. Is this the goal, or are we simply a bunch of people with the same knowledge and wisdom to teach? Does that constitute the whole of the mission and nothing more? If the latter is the case, then why have Paliaments and Allah Schools; G.O.D. Security and Five Percenter newspapers; Earth Appreciation days and merchant Gods & Earths, etc? Why not simply suffice with “streets, parks, and rooftops, and wherever we can get the youngsters and babies to listen”? Peace.

Elamjad Born Allah

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