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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

As history progressed, The Five Percenters, The Five Percent Nation, Allah's Nation, Allah's Five percent, Allah's Nation of the Five Percent, The Five Percent Nation of the Gods and Earths and on and on, was how the nation's name was referred to BY ITS MEMBERS. There has never (at least since I've had knowledge) been a universal consensus by Gods & Earths on our name, and there is certainly none today. To support this I point to a survey published in a 1989 issue of The Five Percenter newspaper which asks “What is the official name of the nation?” This demonstrates that this question has been put forth decades ago and was taken up long before a good bit of our population had even considered it.

There is an insidious theory that these inconsistencies in the nomenclature represent a splintering of the nation into separate entities. This is mostly* bullshit, crazy talk, a false perception at best; a deliberately divisive strategy at its most nefarious. Even the culture being I-God wasn't a consistent reference. How many, like myself, first heard that in a song?!?

One scientific review of this issue takes into account the fact that ones status as God or Earth and ones status as a nation member is not necessarily the same thing. Knowledge of self is reliant on membership in nothing. Membership in a nation however, is reliant on something. Sometimes the two intersect at near indiscernible tangents. Just the same though, while one signifies an individual state of existence, the other represents the relationship of individuals to a larger group.

The real point here is that these name battles are mostly a result of no consensus and not some sign of maneuvering rivals. As the degree teaches, there is only one that benefits by making us think that we are all different. So the answer remains undefined. Is there a nation? What is the official name of the nation? Does it have an official name? Are you part of it? Peace!

*(Unfortunately though, it may not be quite 100 percent bullshit)*

Elamjad Born Allah

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