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Updated: Mar 1, 2021

The G.U.L. Proposal was historically one of the “nation's” most ambitious efforts at unifying our population ever undertaken. It's associated conferences were held at A.S.I.M., the root of civilization. The effort convened over numerous sessions occurring over as many months. Its import was revolutionary. It sought to coalesce our nation's members in their various ciphers, now popularly called ”regions,” into a definable and accountable force for our own common good. It was proposed first in the seventies. As I recall it, the G.U.L went by two different names at separate times. One was “God You Love” the other was “God's Universal Light” (some say God's universal “Law”). The name changed from one to the other after revision some time later. I don’t recall which was former or which was latter. Many, many elder and younger Gods from throughout the 5 boroughs (and beyond) came together to participate in an impressive showing.

The G.U.L. was basically a constitutional type proposal of reasonable detail. The format accommodated provisions for local area committees, and national committees, area representatives, spokesman /representatives and more. It was laid out in articles, sections and subsections, etc. The conferences associated with its review, amending, and ratification were slow going. Progress was often bogged down by grandstanding and flamboyant speechifying. This remains the general character of our nation. Gods & Earths active in national development are well acquainted with this factor (y'all know how we do). Although the G.U.L. as I remember it, called for the use of parliamentary procedure, the actual conferences were conducted informally, although with some kind of plan. Very few participants were knowledgeable of Robert's Rules of Order or The Sturgis Standard Code or the like. Many were suspicious of those kinds of things in those days. In some respects the nation was noticeably less sophisticated than it is today. Yet strangely, some of our seemingly worst customs appear ageless, with time affecting them not. Still though, the G.U.L. was very radical for its day. A lot of people participated from many areas, and a lot of work was put into it. Although it was a noteworthy effort it eventually reached its limitation. Some still have the actual document, or at least it likely remains in a number of peoples archives. The G.U.L. proposal was conceived and initially drafted by God Kiron Shabazz Allah, a trained mechanical engineer, who is well known and respected among the nation’s prominent elders. Peace.

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