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Those who have ceased being the child and accepts responsibility for the family, the nation's course, will not set up home and wait for outside guidance, but will provide it themselves, understanding that we are the Father now. We were not taught to worship or to follow but to lead; nor did the Father advocate following anyone, including himself. As time progresses and the nation ages, new challenges arise unique to the part of history we are living thru. Any solutions to today's problems are on us. Allah exists in the here and now. That is us. Allah never dies. Allah is eternal. The answers are within self.

Many of the distortions we see today are seemingly ageless, meaning they go back to very early in our history. Some of the same elders from early in time, even then were not necessarily in cohesion in their understanding of the teachings. That is one reason why some of the things we hear coming forth from ancient of days carry a somewhat religious quality; as though tenure alone is a qualifying factor. Emphatically not! Often, those who weren't right and exact then have not become so now simply thru the grace of time. Respect always for the doers, those who refuse to set up home and wait for things to magically work themselves out. Take nothing or no one on face value. Length of tenure doesn't always carry the significance often associated with it. Peace!

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