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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Somewhere near around 1968 The Gods began to show up at my old earth's crib. I was 10. At the time I had 3 attractive teenage sisters. This proved a blessing to me since this was the primary attracting power that drew the Gods to my crib. My sister Savasia was a star. One day, while bounding down the stairs of the run-down tenement a landing at a time, I found myself face to face with a cipher of Gods. They were gathered in the lobby near the radiator, as they frequently did. While walking by the group, who passed around a bottle of something covered in a brown bag, one stopped me and said “Peace young god what's yo name?” He spoke with that classic intonation that the older brothers used when they were building. Now, I assume it was because I had already been assigned an attribute in some previous encounter, but without forethought I responded “Waaah-bu,” trying to mimic that classic speaking style. That is one of my earliest memories of exposure to the knowledge. A couple more years passed uneventfully as I did whatever it is that 10 year olds do. By the time I was twelve I began to actively study 120. I “officially” took the name Born Allah, after one of my great teachers who was sent to Pelan. It was 1970. Back then probably the most common reference to the nation's name was “The 5 Percenters.” This personal history actually has little to do with the topic of my next post except to indicate how far back this experience goes. The following paragraph is actually the beginning of the next post...

As history progressed, The Five Percenters, The Five Percent Nation, Allah's Nation, Allah's Five percent, Allah's Nation of the Five Percent, The Five Percent Nation of the Gods and Earths and on and on, was how the nation's name was referred to BY ITS MEMBERS. There has never (at least since I've had knowledge) been a universal consensus by Gods & Earths on our name, and there remains none today. Peace!

For the complete build:

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